29 May 2007

Getting ready for the wedding...

Well, Rach and I are still doing some prep for the wedding. We cleaned my condo up yesterday, and now it looks like a different place. You might not believe this about me, but I really like things to be clean. But, actually cleaning stuff ranks very low on my priority list. So, I tend to let things be until it gets bad enough to where I can't stand it anymore. (I'm sure Rach won't really like that once we get married and it's not just me there.)

Anyway, we also watched a great movie, Big Fish. It's a little weird, but it tells a good story, and is an uplifting movie. I'd recommend it.

Rach is going to be trying to put the finishing touches on the wedding arrangements over the next couple of weeks, now that she's done with school. I think there are still some odds and ends to take care of on my list also.

We both are so excited!

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