27 April 2007

Programming Stuff

I am torn today. I am debating learning a completely new development system. Why?

1) It's supposed to be super-fast to prototype apps
2) It's cross-platform (works on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
3) It can make the apps into Web-based apps or desktop apps
4) I get to use my Mac to develop it

Why Not?

1) I have to learn something new
2) It has a steep learning curve

The development system that I'm talking about is WebObjects, and it uses Java as it's underlying language.

Java is a very interesting server technology (as manifested in JSP and servlets), but as a desktop technology, the overhead of going through a VM is not quite as speedy as a traditional app compiled with something like C++. However, it is very portable, whereas a C++ binary is not. Most of what I seem to do is web-based anyway, so I might give it a shot.

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