18 June 2015

Stupid F# Interop Things

I really like F#, but interop with C# libraries can be really annoying. One such example I ran across today was trying to create a value provider for JSON.NET. As part of it, you have to call a protected method on the base object. Since this base method has to be called on a list of things, it has to be called from a lambda. That's where things fall down.

Here's an example from SO on that. It also has links to other questions for more details on the "why".


The easiest way to make this work is to create a private method on your derived class which calls the protected method. Then in your lamba, you can call your own class private method without issue.

It's irritating and dumb to have to deal with this. Hopefully the F# team will add compiler optimizations to do this for us one day. After all the solution is straight-forward, and you always run into this in a derived class where the base class has protected members.

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