25 March 2013

X3:TC The lazy way to X-TREME

So, being the OCD person that I am about games, I decided to go for all X3:TC Steam achievements. A couple of the hardest achievement to get are the two X-TREME achievements, one for trading and the other for combat. After spending hours clearing out Xenon and Kha'ak sectors for hours (talk about boring!), I figured there had to be a better way. So I'm going to share my super lazy way to raise rank. (If you also want to work on X-TREME trading at the same time, see bottom note.)

Things you will need:
  • Out of game
    • A timer of some sort, set to 5.5 minutes. I used my cell phone. Use an alarm sound that is not annoying, because you will be hearing it a lot.
    • Something to do for hours. A good TV series, some movies, a blog to write, some homework to do, etc.
  • In-game
    • Osaka
      • Max shields (6x 2GJ)
      • All SSCs, except a few PSPs (I used 4 in front.)
      • 2000 or so Wraith missiles (optional)
    • A Xenon sector with a shipyard. In my game, it was Xenon Core 023.
The process:
  1. Park yourself just outside of SSC range from the docking exit on the station. (It looks like a little shoe, sticking off the spherical station.). I parked sideways to the station.
  2. Set turrets that are able to directly attack the station to Attack Fighters so they don't attack it. Set all others to Attack Enemies.
  3. Save and start your timer.
  4. Turn on SETA.
  5. AFK or whatever you want to do.
  6. When alarm goes off, turn off SETA, and start over at Step 3.
Here's what happens:

The shipyard will continually spawn fighters (L's, M's, and N's). Your Osaka/SSCs will chew them up and raise your rank. SETA will speed up the process dramatically. However, after 60 minutes (or 6 minutes on 10x SETA), your combat rank will start to decay. So you must do something in-game every 6 minutes (the timer is set to 5:30 to give you time to respond). This will raise rank very quickly at first, but at Hero rank, it takes over a cycle (6 minutes) to get 1% rank increase. It might not be the quickest way, but it was the most acceptable way for me.

Sometimes, a fighter will get stuck trying to undock (autopilot lol), and he will keep hitting the station until he dies. If you are close enough to be able to shoot at him while he's stuck in the dock, you will just hit the station over and over until you blow it up. Being as the station is key to this lazy method, avoid this!

Sometimes, a Q patrol will spawn in sector or jump in through the gate and head straight for you. The Osaka with 4 PSPs fitted should be able to take care of that even if you are AFK without getting damaged into hull. If you are watching, all the better; fire a couple of volleys of Wraiths at it to help.

Sometimes, the shipyard will seem to stop spawning fighters. Then if you look at the landed ships in the shipyard, there may be 70+ ships waiting in station. You can either wait it out, and the shipyard will eventually spew out a ton of fighters at once. Or you can jump out of the system, which will cause most of the ships to launch, then jump back in. With possibly multiple M2s, M1s, and at least half-a-dozen Qs being typically backed up in station, it makes for an interesting fight. Then just reposition yourself back near the station and continue as normal.


There's no reason not to work on X-TREME trading at the same time. To do this, make sure you setup some factories with CAGs or CLS2 routes before-hand. The key to making progress toward the trading achievement is to make sure that your SHIPS are making the profit. Your station selling illicit goods to visiting patrons isn't going to do anything toward the achievement, no matter how profitable. Your ships have to buy below average and sell above average to gain trade rank. The more difference off average, the more progress. So using CLS2/CAG to both buy below and sell above is double-dipping. :) If you neglected to setup some stations beforehand, you can remotely buy, outfit, and setup some CLS2 freighters while sitting outside the Xenon shipyard.


William Maunder said...

I decided to come back to TC and try for all achievements and xtreme combat is the last one I have to get. This method is really cool, and you can make it even more automated by using something like http://www.autohotkey.com/ to emulate key presses every 5 minutes with a script like:
SendRaw r
Sleep 200
SendRaw j
Sleep 300000
This also automatically re-enables SETA if a collision or a missile has turned it off.

And if there are no SSCs for sale in the universe and you couldn't be bothered capped terran capitals, a Boreas with Cluster Flaks seems to be just as effective. (FAA's don't always work at seta 10)jrrj

Kasey said...

Thanks for the comment. I agree that the Boreas is also a good ship for this in the early game. In the late game, you'll likely have the ability to source SSCs, and the Osaka has more shields and flak mounts. Even if using CFA on the Boreas, you'll likely want back-mounted FAA since CFA strangely can't be mounted there.

Unknown said...

Hey nice guide, I like it!
I found out that Xenon I suits me better for this job.
Weapons: 14xFAA, 16xISR, 10xEMPC, 1500xTyphoon missile
I set missile turrets to attack Capital Ships (or M7 and higher if you have Bonus Pack).

The weapons make short work of any fighters and P/PXs.
Missile turrets take care of Q's which are spawning.

I use Autohotkey which presses 'DEL' followed by 'J' every 30s, this reactivates SETA in case it was deactivated by missile warning or nearby fighter. It also takes care of rank decay.

I'm using SETA x8, on SETA 9/10 miss rate is extreme on my PC.

I only need to watch missile count once an hour or so. I wonder if it's possible to automatically resupply Typhoons using Springblossom with Transporter Device, I can't seem to make it work.