05 October 2009

Crystal Reports 2008 V1 and MySQL

I have had the worst time with Crystal and MySQL. I tried MySQL's ODBC 5.1 drivers, but for me it didn't show any tables or views, even though I had all CR 2008 updates applied. Then I tried MySQL's ODBC 3.51 drivers, which showed tables, but when I didn't select any database, it would not show all databases... it would just show Add Command as the only option. That's not very useful since I have multiple databases. I'd have to create a connection for each one.

I finally ended up finding this page, and using the JDBC drivers. They aren't perfect, and they are a pain to install (editing config files), but they seem to work better than ODBC. I suppose Crystal just hates MySQL... which is ironic since that's the database they embed in their server product!

Getting Crystal Server 2008 setup... now that's a whole different (and painful) ball of wax. If I had this to do over again, I think I would have evaluated Crystal alongside a solution from Logi first. From the hassle I've had just to get a Crystal Reports Server 2008 solution working (and still not successful so far), I can only imagine it being better with Logi.


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marvin said...

I use Crystal Reports 2008 to create reports that connects to remote MySQL server. The reports are intended to be published to Crystal Reports Server 2008 on top of SUSE Linux server.

I find that for my case, using JDBC is better and easier than ODBC. I just setup the JDBC on client, create the report and publish it to CRS. You don't even have to add or setup anything on the server.


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